Picked up ANOTHER copy of a book I already own, but as I have misplaced my original copy I felt entirely justified in paying out £1, it's a charitable donation remember!

The book in question is Phillip Reeve's Mortal Engines, the first book in his Mortal Engines Quartet. I really can't recommend this series, or writer, enough. A truly original idea brought about and delivered in a very sincere and exciting way for readers of all ages. There's something for everyone and a message on most current topics to take away from multiple readings. A genuinely new sci-fi adventure that's intelligent and fast paced.

Factor in the absolutely amazing cover art by David Frankland and you have yourselves a modern classic.

I took great inspiration from both the words, and the art, helping me fire up ideas of my own and hopefully that's what I can ignite in others in the years to come with my own, ongoing, creative endeavours.

PLEASE go and get yourself a copy or you can borrow one of mine!