Treasure Hunter

Thought I'd start my blog with a little bit about my love and obsession with book shopping in charity shops.

As an illustrator I often find myself hitting the wall in terms of creativity and mental energy. It's at these moments I find myself taking a quick peruse of the abundance of local charity shops, and in particular their book sections.

What better way to spend an hour then leafing through a weird and wonderful variety of books other people have, for whatever reason, discarded.

A huge (potentially limitless) source of inspiration, rejuvenation, imagination and fun. Also to make things even better for a small price you are not only making a charitable donation, helping the environment in some small way, but also opening up your mind to the imagination of others! 

I have a library of unwanted books, of all genres, and many copies of the same books albeit with differing cover art (I can pass this off as research). I will undoubtedly be posting on here in the future about gems mined from hours spent in charity shop book sections, and I hope there are others, creatives or otherwise, that get as much pleasure from this "pastime" as I do.