Creative Writing

So my ten week creative writing course at the local college is nearly up, and I've loved it. 

For years I've had ideas for stories, both short and tall, rattling around my head but never had the confidence to get them down on a page. So I thought I'd sign up, on a semi-whim, for a beginners' course, to get the basic of what it means to write creatively. 

I wouldn't say it was liberating so much as it's opened my eyes to the simple mechanics of story writing and shown that there's no secret and complex method to it other than reading and practising. This is much the same as illustrating, especially when non-illustrators comment about wishing they were good at drawing etc, I tell them absorb as much as possible and practice!

So what next, the intermediate course, then the advanced course, and then published and international literary success? In all seriousness I'd eventually I'd like to be published as a writer as I have been with illustration, so watch this space, you could be witnessing the birth of the next Rowling, Pullman, Tolkien, Reeves etc!