Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is!

After using my skills, as an illustrator and designer, helping other people get their incredible passion projects off of the ground it’s time to put my money (and talent?!) where my mouth is. A large portion of these projects go by way of crowdfunding, and Kickstarter in particular.

And so, I’ve teamed up with a friend & colleague down here in sunny Devon to start our own games company. How exciting!

So expect, in the coming weeks to hear more about our first project. It’s a great card game, both fun and engaging, that we hope people will be interested in and get behind (and obviously the artwork is produced by yours truly!!). If it goes well on Kickstarter we will hopefully be producing awesome games on a regular basis and will be on the hunt for collaborators!

As ever, watch this space!

The Horror?!

Hey there! 

Just a quick post to let you know I'm working on an upcoming independent horror short film, called The Between. Directed by a good friend and talent creator Craig Murray, it's currently looking for backing via Kickstarter.

I'm particularly pleased with the Japanese variant of the landscape poster/lobby card above.

So if you are a fan of the Cronenburg-esque style of horror please do click the link below and get involved.




So, I've finally gotten myself a new workspace, which isn't working from my home studio getting constantly nagged by the cat.

I think a shared space for freelancers and start-ups is essential. A place where you can work alongside contemporaries, where you can potentially share ideas, garner feedback and basically interact with people in a similar situation to yourself. No one tells you that working as a freelance illustrator can be a lonely existence sometimes.

It's a great open office area, plenty of light, great view etc. And as I've said before, it's refreshing to be surrounded by a lot of people that are in the same boat.

What a Difference a Year Makes...

Wow, it's been a while. But what I can say, I've been busy.

A year of illustrating role-playing games, card games, books and posters amongst other things, as well as my first exhibition. All very exciting and encouraging for the future. And the most inspiring aspect of all this awesome activity is the opportunity to collaborate and work with amazing clients and individuals that are behind your work and have faith in your ability to deliver.

Clients over the last year include HarperCollins, Usbourne & Standard Charter Bank, across a wide variety of projects and products.

Plus there's a lot more in the pipeline and on the horizon for the next 12 months, so interesting and exciting times. Onward and upwards!


A Role Playing Revolution

Well it's all go here. 

Off of the back of UNBOUND I seem to be getting a lot more work on projects in the tabletop games genre. Apparently my "unique style" is an ideal fit for games designers and makers looking for something different in an industry rich with amazing and varied illustrators.

A Warhammer-esque game and a card game in the (near) pipeline and I hope to find yet more interesting projects within the games industry, both tabletop AND video games. SO if you know any developers looking for something a little different and visually engaging, feel free to point them in my my direction! Thanks!!

In the meantime please have a look at UNBOUND and you can still get involved; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gshowitt/unbound-rpg

New Project

So the Kickstarter RPG, 'UNBOUND', reached it's goal; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gshowitt/unbound-rpg

Really excited about this project as it's a pretty open canvas creatively, plus the guys who've created the actual game are great, and appreciate my art style, which is always encouraging.

I'll update my site as and when appropriate with images info etc, but in the means checkout the two new images, from UNBOUND, in my portfolio!


New Year, New Projects...

Happy New Year World!

A new year starts with a new project, and this one is going back to my roots!

I've been commissioned to illustrate a tabletop role-playing game, as part of a Kickstarter campaign. It's a really great assignment and really takes me back to my school & college days of playing AD&D, Vampire: The Masquerade and various other dice-based role play. The game these guys have come up with really harks back to those pioneering titles as well as bringing a great new spin to the genre.

If anyone hasn't played a  tabletop role-playing game I'd highly recommend it as it's a great way to spend (drunken) time with friends, and it's always fun to feed your inner nerd!

So, look out for further updates regarding this project, and be sure to support the Kickstarter campaign when it drops...I'll keep you informed!

Creative Writing

So my ten week creative writing course at the local college is nearly up, and I've loved it. 

For years I've had ideas for stories, both short and tall, rattling around my head but never had the confidence to get them down on a page. So I thought I'd sign up, on a semi-whim, for a beginners' course, to get the basic of what it means to write creatively. 

I wouldn't say it was liberating so much as it's opened my eyes to the simple mechanics of story writing and shown that there's no secret and complex method to it other than reading and practising. This is much the same as illustrating, especially when non-illustrators comment about wishing they were good at drawing etc, I tell them absorb as much as possible and practice!

So what next, the intermediate course, then the advanced course, and then published and international literary success? In all seriousness I'd eventually I'd like to be published as a writer as I have been with illustration, so watch this space, you could be witnessing the birth of the next Rowling, Pullman, Tolkien, Reeves etc!



I've decided to add a little 'shop' page to my site, linked to Society6, to try and gauge how popular my artwork would be as prints etc.

Totally not sure about pricing my stuff, so the prices are based on sizes and hopefully with a little pocket money for me after the website have taken their share.

So it really is a case of 'watch this space' as I am terrible at self promotion.


Picked up ANOTHER copy of a book I already own, but as I have misplaced my original copy I felt entirely justified in paying out £1, it's a charitable donation remember!

The book in question is Phillip Reeve's Mortal Engines, the first book in his Mortal Engines Quartet. I really can't recommend this series, or writer, enough. A truly original idea brought about and delivered in a very sincere and exciting way for readers of all ages. There's something for everyone and a message on most current topics to take away from multiple readings. A genuinely new sci-fi adventure that's intelligent and fast paced.

Factor in the absolutely amazing cover art by David Frankland and you have yourselves a modern classic.

I took great inspiration from both the words, and the art, helping me fire up ideas of my own and hopefully that's what I can ignite in others in the years to come with my own, ongoing, creative endeavours.

PLEASE go and get yourself a copy or you can borrow one of mine! 

Treasure Hunter

Thought I'd start my blog with a little bit about my love and obsession with book shopping in charity shops.

As an illustrator I often find myself hitting the wall in terms of creativity and mental energy. It's at these moments I find myself taking a quick peruse of the abundance of local charity shops, and in particular their book sections.

What better way to spend an hour then leafing through a weird and wonderful variety of books other people have, for whatever reason, discarded.

A huge (potentially limitless) source of inspiration, rejuvenation, imagination and fun. Also to make things even better for a small price you are not only making a charitable donation, helping the environment in some small way, but also opening up your mind to the imagination of others! 

I have a library of unwanted books, of all genres, and many copies of the same books albeit with differing cover art (I can pass this off as research). I will undoubtedly be posting on here in the future about gems mined from hours spent in charity shop book sections, and I hope there are others, creatives or otherwise, that get as much pleasure from this "pastime" as I do.